Fitness is a key factor in reaching optimal well-being. Endurance, strength, velocity, and flexibility are vital to health. Use cross-training: aerobic dance, in-line skating, cycling, running, weights and swimming. The work-out stays diverse, body gains definition. Experience in gymnastics, cheerleading, equestrian riding, and marathons taught value in proper nutrition. Manifest overall body conditioning and practice injury prevention.
Technique can make all the difference!

Certifications: Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and CPR Certification. Specialties: Hi-low, Step, Sculpting, Legs, Hips & Abs, Stretch, Cross-training, Free Weights, Rollerblading. Taught in New York, Atlanta, Australia, Barcelona, Spain, South Florida and Greece.

Philosophy: Enhance performance by mastering movements with proper alignment and varied intensity. Learn non-stop cardio "flow" and "flex", build awareness of form and function, strengthen abdominal and lower back by integrating a breathing technique. Choose a hobby that stimulates your senses - outdoor activity in a safe and clean space.

What's new? The adventure continues to find favorite places for Aerobeach! The Greek islands have exceptional beaches. Starting in 1999, my summers were spent being active in Greece with swimming, sailing and dancing in Mykonos at beaches: Super Paradise, Psarou, Paranga, and Elia, plus, visiting other islands. The fish and seafood are excellent, plus benefits of olive oil, tomatoes, salads, yogurt and fruit offer an amazing healthy diet. Miami South Beach is still my favorite place to stay in shape! Spring of 2002 - explored South America for 45 days; and learned about ACAI in Brazil!

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AEROBEACH USA: P.O. Box 19-993, 465 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33119 Voicemail 305-672-3339

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AEROBEACH USA: P.O. Box 19-993, Miami Beach, FL 33119 Voicemail 305-672-3339