Reach optimal well-being. Visualize a glorious journey with total equilibrium and consistency. Strive to better the quality of life. Ignite enthusiasm and motivation to fulfill an active lifestyle.

Morning! Refresh the system with fruit, a daily vital act. One type of fruit, such as: Strawberries, high in vitamin C and water content, Apples, 1 of the 9 top foods, high fiber & high water content, burns calories while digesting. Oranges, eaten alone in 20 minutes experience complete breakdown. Start with a glass of fresh juice when possible!

Afternoon is carbohydrate time: pasta, bread, rice (brown+). High carbos include raisins, honey. Given these foods are eaten for energy excersion, carbos can be helpful at intervals in your schedule. This type of food eaten mid-day, gives time to burn calories. If not, carbohydrates turn to sugar, then to stored body fat.

Good Evening... Enjoy proteins to relax a body to sleep. 16-17 grams of protein is a normal load for proper absorption per meal. Protein, if not burned, is stored as protein, too much eaten at a time is eliminated as waste. It is important to consider the ratio of fat to protein. Goal is to find, low fat, high protein-based foods. White meat: chicken breast, turkey, fish. Lean meats can be red, however, trim or cook-out the fat.

Eggs: white part is protein, yellow part is not. Use 1 yolk to 3 whites (in three eggs) - to follow a high protein diet. Try a hearty omelet... Start with Olive Oil, (an essential like spinach, broccoli or green beans, simmer with lid (valuable nutrients evaporate when cooking vegetables if not covered), stir eggs, add in... put a plate on top of the pan and flip a round omelet on both sides like a pancake. (the tortilla learned from Spain)

Potato intake adds to the equation mainly in the preparation. Grilled, baked, ok, but, steer away from fried.

Processed food? More processing, longer the breakdown time. Fresh (perishable if not prepared in time) should be the majority of the diet.

Snacks: Nuts are deceiving, Eat them raw. Almonds, more than six - too much fat, in regards to gaining their positive protein factor. Dairy products are best eaten on their own. Cheese, high protein and calcium element also carries high fat. Find alternative calcium supply, such as spinach. Sugar wise. Try Dark chocolate. "Honey", not a heavy crash as half of honey is carbohydrates. Easier the sugar burns, faster and quicker the rush.

Pastries like their fatty fried cousins, mainly consist of refined sugar and butter.

Craving? Alcohol. Practice moderation!! Pies, cakes? Select fruit pies, light white cakes, i.e. angelfood, pound. Cookies? Choose whole grain oatmeal-raisin.

Cooking Notes: When heating the food, it continues to cook itself if properly covered. Lemon juice counteracts carbon (cancer-causing substance). Carbons in cooking are lessened if food is steamed or sautéed.

Nutrition alone will not give you the level of health without the compatible source of Exercise!

Move your body. On your own, together with another, or in a group? How far, how fast? Breathe oxygen in your body. The benefits will flourish in mind, emotion, and spirit.

Understanding fitness like science. 20 minutes of activity burns daily sugar, 35 minutes of duration starts to burn the stored fat. When you stop after 35 minutes, the body's temperature continues at a higher degree, necessary to burn calories and break-free stored fat. Go for an hour of devotion, beyond your feelings, (muscle fatigue, pains or cardio-vascular strain). Mind over matter, as mind permits.

Stretching. 30 minutes brings a vitality to any exercise program. Flexibility is the "Key to a youthful body."

Positive Mental Attitude. Rehearse a desire in your mind. Anticipate the positive results which bring benefit to yourself and your world. Freewill. Visualize the completion. Having a strong, positive self-image is the foundation of well-being. See yourself already having accomplished your passion. Believe in a successful outcome, be one with your dreams all along the way. Build your bridge to balance.

Hydration is crucial to fitness. Be sure to drink water or isotonic drinks before each work-out, especially if the weather is hot!

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