Personal Training

  • Provide over 15 years of experience in exercise and nutrition
  • Education and knowledge offer you correct, effective techniques
  • Motivation: Receive personal attention to achieve goals.
  • Time efficiency: pre-programmed fitness session for beneficial work-out
  • Safety: Demonstrate movements while understanding your limitations.
  • Fees based on 1 hour sessions. Discounts with multiple sessions.
  • Strength training, cardio fitness, cross-training, nutritional information
  • Design a program to bring the desired results
  • Brochure available

Home Studio Development

  • What equipment can best satisfy your fitness needs
  • Which products can be purchased for the best price/quality
  • Identify economy of space, proper ventilation, stimulating environment
  • Building the home studio: time factor to budget
  • Making a weekly fitness program to achieve results
  • Considerations for improving floor surfaces and corrective mirrors

Master Class

  • Understanding your clients or members interests
  • Creating the incentive for attendance
  • Direct marketing strategy to inform and confirm participants
  • Create special offer for guests and new membership
  • Providing professional equipment: microphone, step, hand weights, boxing gloves, jump ropes, etc.
  • Gain sponsor for special event: banners, samples, discounts, gifts

Fitness Class Instructor

  • Combination class can include low impact, power step, Latin dance, boxing technique, sculpt and tone (high definition), abdominals, stretch.
  • Pop music or best hits selection
  • Color copies of pertinent information
  • Photo and biography to be posted in gym or club
  • Substitute teaching available with adequate preparation time
  • Class designed for level or age if needed

Product Promotion

  • Associate your product with positive image and current market trend
  • Introduce your product to potential consumers
  • Display your product as hero or solution to problem
  • Demonstrate or explain your product benefits
  • Identify or deliver result of product usage
  • Support the sale of the product; provide knowledge or access

Motivational Seminar

  • Provide unique and helpful information materials
  • Direct marketing outreach to attract attendees
  • Amount of time divided in theory and practical
  • Presentation material: Promotion video and visual aids
  • Provide interactive worksheets or questionnaires
  • Value package including tangible gifts for attending
  • “Inspiration” paperback book of writing collection
  • Provide communication following the seminar through internet


AEROBEACH USA: P.O. Box 19-993, Miami Beach, FL 33119 Voicemail 305-672-3339