Mastering basic training techniques will facilitate the ability to perform many cross-training activities. Everyone seems to fancy their favorite sport and practice this action the most; it is a nice feeling to be really good at something. However, one may find that over the years - the same sport will take its toll on certain joints or muscle groups- thereby, nearly forcing us to change our game. Going into training with an “already-knowing attitude” that choosing to diversify will bring healthy gains- can prevent injuries of overuse by exchanging sports by learning new ones or slowing down by teaching others.

If you are a beginner - you may not understand that the challenge is always there with sports; or fitness. One can never be fit enough or know everything about his or her best work-out. Body changes, weather, challenges to improve, these all keep us striving to be better at whatever we try or continue as a routine.

Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes must all be strong to heal oneself and others. It may seem like a juggling act. When you think you have one base covered, sometimes an obstacle seems to appear which calls for our inner courage to overcome it.

Being one with nature is certainly a major challenge these days. Just finding a safe and clean space to exercise may seem difficult depending on where you live. Be progressive, discuss with your government about how important it is for you to have a nice place for leisurely activity. Will they actually build that recreational lane, boardwalk or park? In some cases, it may be necessary to join a group or club to learn about soccer fields or ball diamonds where one can display their zest for life. ENJOY!

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