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Whether reviewing past events or sharing adventures or cultural vacations, Aerobeach offers you a glimpse of the places worth a visit.

We like to participate by scheduling events, however, in the last years, we find just getting to new locations takes time and work. Staying fit while travelling is another opportunity to make your holidays come to life.

Mykonos, Greece

Summer: Welcome to the magical island of Mykonos, Greece. Find outdoor fun and recreation during the top of the season.
Sponsors: BluePoint, SurfTeam, New Balance, Freddy and EXO Club

Barcelona, Spain

Summer: 8 sunny days 500 + participants, 7000 + spectators.
Sponsors: City of Sitges (beach near Barcelona) Kellogg's, Coca-Cola, Gran Sitges Hotel/Health Club, Speedo.

Miami, Florida

Fall: Pro-Am Beach Volleyball, 900 volleyball players + spectators.
Sponsors: Avia, Powerbar, Hardcore
Clothing, Sunglass Hut International, Gatorade


Spring: Local cable show,"So, be on TV", 60,000 subscribers.
Sponsors: Bodacious Swimwear, Shape-up Unlimited, The Body Squad, Met-Rx.


Fall: International Coastal Clean-Up;
Sponsors: Hotel Ritz Plaza, Polo Sport Fragrances, Bendigo Swimwear, Natural Food Market.


Spring: Palm Beach TV Pilot for Fox Sport and Fit TV.
Sponsors: Radisson Resort & Villas, New Balance, Hotskins, Trek Bicycles, SMINT.

Make international friendships on the islands, especially in Mykonos!

1993: AEROBEACH launched major beach event

Super Paradise: Venture walking trails along the coastline to reward yourself with a swim in this awesome horseshoe inlet. Beach Party starts after 4PM.

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