Fortaleza; a tourist dream in the Northeast. Take the excursions: Go on dune buggies and ride horses on the beach.

Powerwalk along most beaches. Only outside the big cities can one swim as inner-city pollution is a big problem.

Copacabana; enjoy people watching and volleyball. Take a bike ride to Ipanema.

Iguazu Falls - a destiny in and of itself, not to be missed. When you arrive you will say, "Thank God I have seen this before I have died." This place is on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. We stayed on the Brazilian side in a terrific hotel, Tropical Cataratas.

Argentinian side has a magnificent National park where you take walking trails right out over the Devil's Throat of the Falls and see millions of butterflies.

Take the special excursion to the Bird Park to be up close with vividly colored, animated birds that make unusual sounds.

About 275 Falls up to 296 ft. high make up this natural wonder. We went rafting and swimming, plus took a boat ride right under the falls for a fierce shower! Be ready to be very wet. The mud from the river basin and the rocks has an extremely strong smell and stains clothing if not washed immediately.

In Natal, we visited the largest Cashew tree; it is in the Guinness Book of world records and watched a couple of monkeys.

This natural preserve is almost like a secret. It is after Praia Frances in Maceio.

Keep your eyes open for beautiful parrots and other wild life.

We were lucky to meet a local Catamaran specialist, "Tiko" - "Pirata". He took us sailing almost daily in Maceio. He made our trip there full of laughter and local knowledge.

The sun is so strong - sunscreen and sunblock are necessary.

It is difficult to exchange traveler's checks or currency. Better to make Brazilian currency in larger cities and bring to Maceio.

Many people offer to be your guides. Hire people with fun personalities so to enjoy their company, as well as, the locations that you may visit.

More camarones, "shrimp" than any other food. Drink Coconut milk right out of the coconut! Caipirinias are a daily cocktail. Find the best health treats: all the native fresh fruits and nutritional ACAI; deep purple and a real energizer when combined with Guarana!

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