Many people are reminded of the Pyramids in Egypt - yet, there are many monuments and cities to visit, like this Avenue of the Sphinxes in Karnak in Luxor.

Camel riding is popular among most tourists, however...

we enjoyed an early morning of horseback riding in the farmland along the Nile.

Most of the structures were huge as can be remembered by taking a photo alongside of them as contrast to human heights.

Horus: a falcon-headed God. The eye of Horus symbolizes healing and protection.

The ancient civilization of pharaohs flourished by the banks of the Nile. We cruised on a river boat down the Nile and stopped at 10-12 temples providing cultural enrichment and surprise.

The walls are carved with stories and symbols. For example, the Lotus Flower - creation and rebirth; at night the flower closes and sinks underwater and at dawn rises and opens again.

Egypt is one of the most unique cultural experiences of a lifetime.

There are many types of watercraft going down the Nile - many using purely the wind and a sail.

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