Macchu Pichu. Fly into Lima, then fly to Cuzco, take a train to the bottom of the mountain along side a tremendous river. Board the bus and away you go to the foot of this brilliant primitive city.

Comfortable walking or sport shoes with a tread, are a must, to discover this civilization with ease.

We visited during the rainy season and were still amazed by the incredible beauty. The best month to explore is June.

There are various trails that one can take directly off the train and camping grounds. We did this trip quickly but plan to return for a week of hiking and camping.

Paths are fairly well-defined. Follow Inca trails that can take you to cliff-hanging views!

Hindsight: Try to spend one night near the mountain (there are few places to stay) and get up early in the morning - before 1000's of tourists arrive!

Gold museum in Lima shows that these ancient cities were covered in gold; mountains rich with gold. Incas taken over by the Catholic church; gold was removed and melted down.

View replicas and preserved artifacts.

The poverty of the Inca Indians is shocking. Taking photos with the Incas is a great way for them to make a little cash. Add the spirit of local lifestyle to your memories.

These rock structures were measured so carefully and carved to fit perfectly together so that these walls would withstand even an earthquake.

Many monuments! This one signifies the water flowing for both female and male energy which Incas believe is necessary for the balance of life.

The water here is clean and one can drink directly from the fountain.

Moving onto Iquitos for a glimpse of the Amazon in Peru. Water lillies and greenery are plentiful.

Parrots make colorful pets in the Amazon. This one is named Pepe. Hotels run on generators, so lights out early and no telephones, radios or TV's. They are built on stilts as the water levels change dramatically. Most buildings are along the river. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset!

The beautiful flower, Heliconia. Don't forget your mosquito and bug spray. Bring long-sleeved T-shirts and rubber shoe covers for your Jungle walk. Long pants are a necessity. The hotels do not rent or sell particular items needed in this environment - so come prepared.

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