Suggestions for bicycle commuters:

  • Treat your bicycle like a vehicle, stop at signs and signal your intentions with an outsretched arm.
  • Ride on the road not the sidewalk.
  • Wear light colored clothing and travel at night with a light.
  • Don't be erratic in your movements.
  • Make eye contact with drivers.
Before you begin, fuel up the body with an energy bar and plenty of hydration.
Road Bike: For best results; the bike should fit your body proportions. Warm up neck, shoulders, back, legs, and ankles. Abdominals act like the arch of a shoe - strong, yet flexible. Elbows are relaxed and supple to vary flexion and extension to adapt to bumps or balance and kept close to the sides. Define triceps and quadriceps while keeping the neck and trapezoids stimulated. Use the legs for support; seat is mainly for position. Toe clips are necessary to include utilizing the hamstrings by pulling them up after the familiar pushing down of the pedals.
Mountain bike: Cushion impact with arms and legs, by distributing the body weight over the bike.

Spinning: one of the newest work-outs to join the gym. Follow your favourite instructor.

Other CROSS-TRAINING activities: aerobics - cycling - horse-riding - martial arts - powerwalk - running - sailing - scuba-diving - skating - strength-training - hydra-fitness - yoga


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