Basically here at Aerobeach, we are talking about activities while sailing. Depending on the weather, the season, your clothing and the crew and their abilities; you can anticipate your actions. At this time, we rely on an experienced captain to take us sailing and therefore, assist with anchoring and tying buoys. We recommend contacting the American Sailing Association to find the fastest, easiest, and most systematic way to learn basic sailing.

Staying fit while sailing include activities such as using the ropes for pull-ups and going with the flow of the waves to support the entire body with legs and flexibility in the lower back.

Snorkeling and using the fins can give dynamic strength to legs and arms while elimating the impact through the buoyancy of the water.

Enrich the senses with an oceanwatch.

Red Beach in Santorini.

Other CROSS-TRAINING activities: aerobics - cycling - horse-riding - martial arts - powerwalk - running - sailing - scuba-diving - skating - strength-training - hydra-fitness - yoga


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