Training commitment combines theory and practice: The action is where you are! Outline your goals, favorite activity, and time available for creating an active lifestyle program. What is your normal diet? Skill level? Beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional? Strength sculpting does not cover total conditioning.

Major benefits: toning and alignment, actual muscular strength increases performance in life. Muscle burn more calories than fat. Muscle is heavier in weight than fat. Muscle groups protect and enhance joint mobility. Muscles support the bones. Muscles protect the organs by flushing oxygen and blood through the system by movement.

Feel fit to fully enjoy life, gain better physical condition by establishing:
Strength: Power for the body, accenting legs and abdominal muscles.
Endurance: cardiovascular (heart & lungs) development
Flexibility: muscle elasticity & suppleness.
Velocity: control of speed, i.e. intensity.

Coordination: balance, rhythm, and timing.
Concentration: relaxation and focus
Enthusiasm: the motivation to "be in action".

Stretch and warm-up before any activity: Arms move across front of the chest to raise the heart rate. Start with the neck side-to-side and chin to the chest roll-up. Shoulder rolls forward and backward. Lumbar region of the stomach and back, pulling in the abdominals into the lower back. Ankles and knees directed in a circular rotation, achilles tendon stretch, keeping the heel on the floor. Trigger agility with side lunges and stretches to hip-flexors (run over the front of hip joint and wrap around external obliques into lower back). Reach the arms over the head and keep the focus vertical.

Body Sculpt: Stretching the calves, and back.
With weights, we primarily work: arms, chest, triceps, lats, back deltoids, hamstrings and glutes. Use 3/5/8 lb. weights. Twelve (12) repetitions three times with a rest in between sets by varied "lifts" most work for the muscle is the four counts down resisting the gravity.

Side deltoids, called bedside tables.

Front deltoids, called the Frankenstein, arms are lifted to shoulder level, without bending wrists.

Front lunge; knee directly lowered under hip, keep front leg knee bent over ankle joint.

Bend knees to condition legs during arm exercises. Slight softness to elbows so not to lock the joint while lifting any weight.

One needs all the components to excell. Establishing a program takes constant, progressing effort and planning.

The pleasure of conditioning comes from the sense of accomplishment in having done it, rather than doing it.

Other CROSS-TRAINING activities: aerobics - cycling - horse-riding - martial arts - powerwalk - running - sailing - scuba-diving - skating - strength-training - hydra-fitness - yoga


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